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SEO optimization

    SEO best 1:SEO service

    based SEO services: keyword analysis, competitors analysis: 1-3 months, focusing on 1-3 keyword optimization to Google or Baidu Home, and maintain for a year.

    standard SEO services: keyword analysis, competitors analysis; flow analysis flow mining lift, 1-3 months 3-5 key words to Google or Baidu optimization Home.

    premium SEO services: keyword analysis, competitor analysis, flow analysis and mining, overall site optimization 3-5 optimization over 5 months focusing on key words to Google or Baidu's top 5.

    analysis of 2:SEO services (No1)

    Website analysis: anatomical analysis of the website itself, based to sites just to find out where the problem lies;

    e-business orientation: for corporate Web site e-commerce location, location specific website;

&Nbsp;   e-commerce pattern analysis: analyzing Web site e-commerce model, study matches the site's e-commerce model

    competition analysis: competition in the industry, comprehensive analysis of the industry website; analysis of site development plan:

    e-commerce website short-term planning and long-term development strategy feedback analysis.

    3:SEO Services project website diagnosis (No2)

    Website architecture Diagnostics: site structure is reasonable, efficiency, convenience, compliance with the habits of users access; site diagnosis: page code is streamlined, the page is clear, appropriate page capacity, page color is appropriate diagnosis of files with the file name: file formats Filename; access to system analysis: statistical system was installed, route analysis, area analysis, visitor analytics, keyword analysis etc; promotion strategies diagnosis: website promotion strategies are effective, backward, promote the use of hybrid strategies.

    4:SEO services of marketing analysis (No3)

    keyword analysis: appropriateness of keywords, keyword density is reasonable;

    search engine log analysis: what the login, the login information is valid;

     Links to correlation analysis: high link popularity is, whether belonging to the larger relevance of links;

    target market analysis: analysis of the target market, researching target markets and marketing relationship

    product analysis: analysis of the characteristics of the product, product's selling point;

    Page analysis of marketing: marketing location sets the page, content marketing page, marketing pages first;

    analysis of marketing channel: the marketing channels, how to open up new marketing channels;

    follow-up analysis of products and services: product development, service feedback analysis;

     Price: the price, the rationality and so on.

    5:SEO services of integrated optimization (No4)

    site structure optimization: optimization, e-commerce optimization in running;

    Website Optimization: page layout and page design optimization

    Navigation design: ease of navigation, navigation text optimization;

    links: the internal and external links to a Web site for processing;

    tag optimization: optimization design of the label.

    6:SEO services to promote integration (No5)

    Web site traffic promotion strategy: the key is volume, a process used in many network marketing method;

    external link promotion: link strategy use;

     Viral marketing strategies: specific strategies need flexibility;

    other promotion: pay close attention to changes on the network, the development of new means to promote.

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