E-commerce website search engine optimization process and policy analysis

    some time ago a friend asking about travel website and online shop SEO questions, Nia just translated a related article, I hope to help you. (The original example is used in a foreign hotel, in order to facilitate Chinese users to read, to domestic hotels as examples, IT notes)

    SEO (search engine optimization) is sometimes mistakenly thought to be a single, one-time Sprint, but the fact is, it might be more like a marathon. Searchers rarely search for the first time will be able to reach your site. Therefore, SEO said through a optimization that lets users search for certain popular keywords (words) to your Web site, it may be fooling themselves. I made a simple example of a user from buying intention to finally buy and assessment flowchart to illustrate this process.

    customers from purchasing intentions to buy products and related SEO strategy

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