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    outside joint connection of construction has been is website optimization improve website keywords ranking of main factors, don't with I debate, has has many of SEO professional proved has first stage external quality import connection number and quality has accounted for is decided Yu Yu website keywords of ranking huge of factors, external connection of construction roughly is divided into two a local, a is Web site of storm photometric, Internet on like a everyone child, in this family inside revealed out you of name more more, Dating allows people to know you, understand you! Know your man is a great search engine. Is what we call quality of the chain links and low quality of the chain, then what is the high quality of the chain?

    high quality Foreign connections, Outside chain of ceremony from first of friendship connection began to web1.0 Shi one-way connection, again to web2.0 times of Forum wrote name, blog connection and so on, now construction outside chain of approach and path greatly increased has, but and revealed out has a new of topics, is such more connection channel of initiation, while also means with SEO competition of increased, how faster better of construction outside chain, that how construction quality outside chain into has SEO concerns of topic.

    two-way connection has been search engine reduces weight, one-way connection in the Forum to write your name, blog post, and so on are also reducing weight, may directly be paid connection search engine Sin website will also be search engine sin, then why is the high quality of the chains?

    of course, the first is the high quality of the chain from high ranking Web site Home give you a one-way connection, but unless your site itself is made from has a unique style and perhaps pay, other high ranking Web site how might Home give you a one-way links?

    search engine algorithm is always in progress up to now, high build quality means outside the chain-building substance linked to deep within the weights of one-way links.

    high is the high weight of the construction on the site outside the chain. High weights, starting with high PR, websites with high PR, if Baidu are also included, then Baidu's weight is also high. Followed by a page can have a chance to show in the website Home, once again, is the page URL shorter, Web pages have better SEO handling, the page itself can get better ranking in the search engines. Like some of the blog site, the Blog Herald is the mechanism of AJAX, if the chain cast on this blog site, besides chain is not be found by search engines, such as Sina. Portal site submission is also a very correct way, though the submission indicates not import the connection, but the Web site critical luminosity is out, but also a right outer join!

    chains at the outside of the building to reveal appropriate anchor text import connections, anchor text is simply what you do Web site keyword import connections to your Web site like this type of crusher, in doing this type of anchor text from the sky to be right!

    below summarize the lazy SEO to do outside the chain of experience and techniques:

    is roughly divided into two

   , crazy for the new station outside the chain-building goes on site SEO optimization

    second, Crazy for old station building of the chain there is indeed conducive to the SEO of the site

    for the bulk of software people have ideas, I don't say it is! Due to the mass software this item is to discuss, there will be used, the machine was created was to replace artificial, but mass software this item to have a degree, several, some, try to think of a brand new website just launched all of a sudden, even a few private knows this site, where people give you this site to vote? Mental retardation is clear, this is--you cheat. Bulk messaging software to learn to walk again, and do not have no place on the duties and responsibilities of mass software fault!

    there are other ways to increase outreach where collections are preserved between, friendship connection platform, classification catalogues, questions and answers, a variety of disciplines which is the lazy SEO will not explain here one by one get it! Baidu it!

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