Four factors affect website optimization effect: server stability tops

    for most Web sites, most of the traffic comes from search engines, and SEO is search engine work done. SEO as a long-term task, and many details related to the final optimized result. There are four basic factors affect the SEO results, and server stability is the crucial piece.

    following are the four basic factors affecting SEO:

   , site server stability

    as the most fundamental elements of SEO, site server stability is directly linked to Baidu's credit ratings. Site server instability caused the site to open it, its direct consequence of Baidu is the evaluation becomes lower. Once or twice is OK, if spiders come crawling site content was not, will think this is waste, stop the snapshot are still good, serious Word also has k points.

    second, the updated amount and the rate of the original

    in addition to the server stability, content is updated with the amount and the rate of the original are also very important factors. According to a webmaster describes, their website has been taken 70% original +25% original + number of acquisition policy, and 2, 3 days updating frequency. Strengthening the original rate into 40% original +60% original, Baidu rates are also rising.

    III, the high quality of the chain

    well outside the chain is traffic and ranking basis. The best way is to write the soft article to increase the chain, a good piece of soft paper can bring thousands of reproduced outside the chain, and is effective for a long time. High quality soft, can both guarantee the chain and to exchange ideas with others, is a good choice.

    four, powerful link

    an industry relevant and powerful outside the chain of links than 10, exchange links, don't just look at PR value, more important is the number of included and update frequency of Web pages, looking for friends of the chain add links when Group, Forum post, directly on Baidu to find related sites.


    as the basic elements of SEO, as long as the above four points, the search engine will come to visit your site again, articles included will slowly increase, thereby increasing site visibility and traffic.

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