Baidu optimization practices, finding truly effective experience

    Baidu optimization algorithms have been the majority of SEO enthusiasts mysterious headache. Each time the algorithm Baidu fluctuations directly just Baidu keywords ranking drop, decline in site, site down the right and other reactions. So website optimization website speculation about Baidu optimization methods on forest in these one-external link to Baidu optimization useless, think real fallacy! Here to talk about my argument.

   --the basis of Internet hyperlink

    This should be a very strong argument. Learn basic knowledge of website construction knows that chapter is this. Without hyperlinks site does not exist, there is no exchange of information, not Baidu, Google and other search engines. Therefore, Internet rumors have external links to Baidu optimization useless theory doesn't hold water.

    Baidu keywords ranking for what reasons?

    Baidu optimization, each have different views and comments. Having something to say is of high quality, original, there are external links, there are hits ... and seem very reasonable. After practice, I summarize and do work experience is as follows:

    1, the website must be normalized

    mentioned this, you must also mention the dumpster. Due to the low threshold the building, currently the station construction company went, every family in the building business. Every family in every standard, but only forget is present every search engines follow international standards (W3C). Some people often ask: the search engine how to judge, I have to be a spam site? Although Baidu search engine is a machine, but set strict standards, what is it one can recognize, Baidu is no reason to dump a complex code structure to the forefront. Therefore, the station was a learned man, do you do, efforts to site Standardization (W3C) near the bar. No harm.

    2, the site must have external links, but grasp the

    with external links, website publicity, traffic, visitors, visibility, only known as the name, hsiang, will only lead to the mysterious visitor-the search engine spiders to Baidu ranked the forefront.

    I was talking about external links here is very important, but does not say that more external links, the better. Experience from long-term observations of Baidu algorithm, Baidu for external links for some time attached great importance to, the algorithm weight distribution is also very high, then through external links to achieve website optimization is very easy. But sometimes, especially in a short time a large number of external links instead of full time have the opposite, often accidentally k station by Baidu down right or normal. External link you insist on long, rewarding you might feel.

    external links is a double-edged sword, how to learn to use is constantly groping in the summary. Any single statement is not correct. Avoid by all means!

    3, site keywords and title hits

    by monitoring the algorithm Baidu and found that each search, click on the site to Baidu's data the server returns data. Any programming experience who is known to collect these data are Baidu keywords ranking was based, no ranking data impossible. Returned data contains monitor each visitor in search for those keywords, click on the title and link to those sites. These must be, no data was collected, Baidu can't do anything Web site keyword ranking, there is no data.

    the above is just my humble opinion, combined with original content, server stability in these two points would have been enough. There's too much, then much will be spent look at loss.

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