Friendly website optimization increases website

    is a site friendly? Refers to the Web site gives visitors the feeling is good or bad, or visitors to the site acceptance. Site friendly relationship between the website visitor viscosity, viscosity, high sites are also likely to develop, viscosity is related to the Web site in the future.

    says no more, straight to the point, how to make our website more friendly?

    small Tip 1, site a prominent position, short and incisive that you have Web site advantage, you have to credit and so on.

    first visit to site visitors generated by PV in General is the lowest, a large proportion of visitors to open the first page and then exit the Web site, it can be said that part of the value generated by visitors is the lowest, but this part of visitors is website development, we must seize this visitor, expand site visitor base. So, for first times access have visitors, we to do have is: let it on we have website "love at first sight", let it a eye on awareness to we website have advantages, subconscious Xia feel website good, unknowingly have following must browse down, then do we wants to they do have, like buy Xia we have commodity, or purchase we have service, or triggered website advertising and so on.

    example: movie site, many visitors are concerned about Web site updates, then, if you can do it the first time updating, you site a prominent position write "update this site the first time", so first-time visitors to the website have a subconscious cognitive – site updates soon. So, for the first time visited your site visitors want to watch the latest movies for the second time when, first thought is you have website. Need to pay attention to is that you wrote that you must do it, otherwise you are digging a hole to jump in.

    2, bold, red title, attract visitors to click on.

    a Web site normally will have lists like list of updates, click on the recommended list, list, and so on. However, most Web sites to the list title is the same style, did not see which content is quite good too, which is not good. Or so say was did not point out that most of the visitors welcomed the content of the site. Therefore, personally, hydroprocessing or bold tip which awaited visitor content updates, or which are particularly recommended, will improve the users of the site.

    for example: like a webmaster class website in content page have articles recommended list, and click list, although just a list, but also has more than 10 more 20 article articles in that, certainly impossible each article are see, and many people is only see articles, not see next have list have, then, if in list have many title in the added red, and added rough one or two a title, attract visitors have eye, visitors see hydroprocessing of, and added rough, general situation Xia will think this articles is important, Should take a look at, which, following the website, improve the website to be friendly.

    3, increase website index page, easier for visitors to find content.

    for website have update list, and click list, and recommended list, most website is placed in website a side side Shang, just occupy is small have part space, number limited business, introduced also has limit, many situation Xia cannot meet visitors directly find content have requirements, so, established a website index page imperative, put all content points good class, like latest update, and latest recommended, and click list, and praise list and so on, And these are linked together with a page in the head, part of the show below the head, so that visitors can collect this page, do not click or one click, you can easily find what you want. Clearly it's very difficult to be described, in fact, win the effect is the same as Web site, fast and convenient, a style award can refer to Baidu. Comfortable use on the site feel good.

    4, global announcements prompted the latest recommended

    for a website, no matter the type, there will always be one or two visitors are most concerned about, such as xxx celebrity latest article written, or what the most popular soap opera updates, or other hot news, which would have led to a lot of people are concerned about, but many people do not know about these updates. At this point, if you have a site-wide announcement, it greatly increased the visitor know this possibility, and the latest popular content is likely to be gathering a large number of visitors for you. Why so said does, for this latest have content, may you website not latest update have, but you is latest publicity open have, in latest released this content have website Shang click volume may also didn't several, and you have website Shang click volume has is high have, then these visitors may on will think this is you website latest update got, at least will think you website update soon, if can produced reputation publicity effect, you have website also may because this a content to you brings large have new visitors.

    5, meet visitor requirements, and demonstrate to other visitors.

    mainly refer to the contacts you have visitors, help visitors have resolved some issues, raise the level of visitors was fond of you, while also improving the favorability of the site. Furthermore, problem solved you show other visitors, other visitors see that you help visitors solve their problems, or think you're good, friendliness of the site are also promoted. This is somewhat similar to customer service, is just a page of it, allowing visitors to see service content.

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