How to treat SEO to rely on and to build a successful Web site

    said a lot of SEO-related things, but never talk about how to deal with SEO. I think this article is better than a lot of articles about how to do SEO articles are also useful to everyone.

    Wang Tong has written a review of the Alibaba B2B decline, although this article is a mess, but this article said Alibaba's SEO success perspective I think it is right, just not as simple as it says. The SEO is to rely on technical analysis of emotions I have mentioned at the end: "in some ways, is the SEO success of Alibaba." In order to be more clear, I can say that some of the information already publicly: Alibaba is the first English station, only Chinese station. 08, the Alibaba English stations revenues accounted for Alibaba's entire income is 70%. It may be said that Alibaba English stations have to do foreign trade revenue comes from domestic Chinese, however, in the early days, these foreign trade enterprises will readily pay because Alibaba indeed effective. This effect, comes from a large number of quality foreign buyer traffic.

    I've seen some people use Alexa traffic composition analysis Alibaba, said most of the Chinese flow of traffic is actually analysis to be in error. Because Alibaba domain name is, Chinese, and English-language stations are one and the same main domain name. Alexa traffic can be considered Chinese into English stand in traffic. Alexa data would have been allowed on. (The Alexa can be abandoned without a can be replaced with adplanner)

    what about the flow of a large number of quality buyers come? You can give it a thought, a Chinese website to go abroad so much national TV advertising, can not engage in similar "win in China" activities. Nobody will listen to you business owners like a star "fudge". Also is there any way? Nothing more than just online marketing.

    SEO no matter what is on a Web site, is the most effective online marketing tools. Alibaba a large number of quality early buyers traffic is through SEO optimized, six out of ten search result is Alibaba page to achieve.

    and then to see if a site is by what kind of operating profit. Say I think a lot of profit what is the nature of the Web site.

    We can wonder in everyday life we are familiar with the supermarket, food market, coffee shops and so on is by profits in the real economy. They profit in nature what is it? Nothing complicated, nothing more than to buy certain commodities at low prices, or processed or transferred, and then sell out, earning the middle post. And to what extent high prices can be high, how much they can sell, and a large part of it comes from selling things, what about the quality. So the real economy to play the games, they have summed up the essence: "buy low and sell high, pay attention to quality."

    Website is playing such a game, sale of things is Web site traffic. Whether Sina, Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba, Google such a platform site, and excellence, dangdang, Jingdong, Fanke (VANCL) this e-commerce site, still likes doing litter as some SEOer station. Are first through certain cost "buy" some relevant traffic, and then "sell" has the value of these flows. Is essentially true, but difference is that every Web site traffic "buy" in different ways, "sell" are not the same way.

    turnover to calculate if a website, deducting the cost from each site in trade flows, the difference lies in the business:

    1, you "buy" was how low the price. 2, you "buy" the number. 3, you "sell" how high the price. 4, you "sell".

    like Tencent, because has QQ this client, can in above bundled many service, plus visibility, flow "buy" have price is is low have; "buy" have number also is big; and flow have "sold", is through it have a products reflected out have, "sold" have price actually not high; but it "sold" have number very big. So, Tencent a quarter the turnover is more than 400 million dollars.

    Tencent nature of this platform have websites, sale of traffic signs are not so obvious. Like vancl (VANCL) this e-commerce website very clearly reflects this kind of trade flows. As long as the price is right, where the customer (VANCL) on the Internet where can buy cheap traffic buy traffic, it is real gold and silver buying directly, of course, a "buy" price is still higher than the Tencent; buying number many but "sell" price is a lot higher than the Tencent; and "sell" quantity than Tencent. So every guest have lower turnover than Tencent, but also have more than a billion of the year.

    now have to the Internet, launch products, in fact, a growing trend of homogenization, selling what is not too heavy to get, how to sell is the competition. Where the customer (VANCL) sell shirt success before, now the shoe is also very successful, because, from a different point of view, it is not selling shirts nor shoes, is traffic.

    more other operating sites, all have different characteristics in 4, so we created a variety of different Web sites. For example, many SEOer do garbage station: "buy" price is very low; more than; but by hanging AdSense this was "sold", "sell" ridiculously low prices; "sell" number. But the turnover which is tens of thousands of Yuan a year. And then flourished PPG shirt, knew the flow as long as they can "sell" by must cost a lot of "buy" it is worthwhile to have. I just don't understand why PPG chose television advertising is so expensive to buy.

    SEO in the above have to do with the 4-point is what? Good SEO, can bring you a lot of free, high quality traffic.

    early Alibaba English stations, because of SEO, traffic "buy" price is very low, and in some cases can be ignored at this price; "buy" the number, and because these flows are very high quality, they are able to "sell" the price is very high but also because of the high quality, "sell" the number is very large. Only today, you can see the Alibaba.

    many SEOer do not understand themselves what kind of skill. More people wasting their own skills. So now you have other ideas to business websites. Using SEO, in fact, can make better into a set, or even a career.

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