SEO masters unwilling SEO tips

    (1), as all keywords in the title. All the keywords here, nothing more than 2-5. Some say keyword k station, that is bull shit. Also it is said that it is only temporarily not k. Wrong, my website for some keywords a lot of accumulation was observed in nearly a year, not only is k, and ranked very well. Baidu, any popular keywords, ranking which station there is no accumulation of keywords?

    (2), title, keywords, description, three label is best not to appear in "most". Some webmasters in optimizing keywords appear all the time, of course, "most", Baidu no way, must have standing row front or not?

    (3), title, keywords, description should also contain the related keywords, try to use sentences into a paragraph. Don't be afraid of long, long was fine, don't believe everything some so-called SEO said long will k, down the right, that is bull shit.

    (4), title, keywords, description, and site structure, templates, these elements do not frequently modified, revised, it reduces confidence in the website in the search engines. This is the most important, the site is down right 90% causes.

    (5)、h1、h2、h3...... Label's role in Web site optimization should not be underestimated, main keyword appears in the H1 tag, keywords appear in H2 tags, and analogy. Remember: do not hide the contents of tags, H1 tags search engine is very sensitive hide was cheating, it is punished by the search engines, but there is an exception for everything, search engines are not gods.

    (6), Baidu ranked on the current situation, all walks of ranking Web site has the following common features:

    ① site head and feet piled up a lot of bold keywords, and link to the main domain name. (Also within the chain, some good points, his Home links than 10)

    ② Website art poor, uneven layout, can be said to be ugly. (Baidu may think that this is a personal website, does not belong to the profit-making commercial Web sites)

    ③ less outbound links. (Between 10-30, buy link a real possibility).

    II site content is not original, are not updated every day, even some 10 days and a half updated once a month. (Updated too frequently is not good),

    (7), the links should not be too much, up to 30 as well. If you can not export one the best. Baidu's weight is not PR,RP is just a virtual product has no actual meaning, exchange links with people should value each other sites ' rankings, daily new included page, snapshot date.

    (8), inbound links you can buy, and the more the better, there is no limit. Some say buying links is cheating, that is bull shit. Not a point, Baidu has no technology to detect your inbound links is a buy or a friend to help chain. But stability, not chains today, tomorrow, the next.

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