SEO Home down right mean?

    many Web sites meet Home problems down the right, and I was no exception in the SEO process. Company a few days ago I have a Web site, Home has also been down the right, and Web page snapshot, actually "does not match the content and when the law could not be displayed", lucky is that these questions have been handled well, Home is the weight came back. I accumulate experience to share with you these days, hoping to help this article.

    Home is down right is certainly not a good thing, a Web site the highest weight is at Home. Such as A5, SINA website, some page content than Home better, structure is no better Home is poor, but the highest weights of these sites is at Home. Many webmasters exchange links, why Home chains? This is one of the important reasons. Home on a site it goes without saying that Home is down right, results may be punished. Http://www.###.NET/, for example, the site Home often hang Trojans, over time Google will think that this site is not a good site to take down the right. But don't be afraid, Home is down right than the Google Sandbox, Baidu IIS logs are easier to handle 200 0 64. Dealing specifically with an article I used to be afraid of "website Home is GOOGLE down the right approach" on A5, can be found in this article, we are going to discuss today is Home is down right means what? These may be many owners want to know, after I am more than 10 days of observation summed up, means that at least the following points:

    1, search engines don't crawl Home, or reduce Home crawling frequency.

    the major search engines to crawl your site, usually from Home to the inside pages, generally speaking Home will grab with every crawl. When this protects the spider crawl, can grab the most content of this site, Home is generally the main content of this site, as you all know. The Home is down right after you website content cannot be SE and lose good opportunity was included. Or http://www.###.NET/, for example, right, at Home in part is the latest update, I have several high quality articles in this website is not included, the next day on another website is incorporates, for what? SE did not find this link

    2, effects included

    Home down the right, have a bad impression in the eyes of the spider has. Some grave sites, there has been a spider crawling pages not crawled Home, with somewhat similar to Baidu on the new station was included, only included in the page does not include the Home. You might say I have pages, keywords, Home is updated is not important? In fact is not the case, we have to comply with the site's rules, not alternative. If not excellent alternative is often victim of the times. Don't try to make things, which tend to be more harm than good.

    3, website weight reducing

    the weight of the website is a key issue, the same article in different websites, ranking why so different? Old station: why rankings are often better than the new station? The problem as we all know, in order to get a good weight, to be honest, not to make things. One might ask, such as A5, these portals Sina, sometimes Home is down right, and that their weight will be lower? These are two different situations, this site Home down the right was just a temporary thing, is most likely the search engines algorithm adjustment algorithm stabilizes, they Home weight immediately recovered.

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