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   , SEO optimization tips article is seven, seven this is not to say that you achieved perfection, you can get the best search engine ranking, you have to be integrated, the average use, and not too many traces, which is a skill, can remember hope webmasters!

    1, what search engines want, just give it

    search engine for the included page and how to determine if the page PR value is a set of rules, you should read them, optimize search engine guidelines for direction to do so causes the site to be included in the fastest most effective method.

    then, our search engine according to needs, establish a better site navigation, or call a site map. A to enable visitors to enter without knowing what pages it is hard to retain people, visitors may leave now, provides a location map can not only make the user experience better, and pillar procedure more correct and more search engine can quickly load and record relevant content sites to help improve Web page PR value.

    2, selecting the most suitable keywords statement and amount of distributions

    keywords don't need only a word or character, in fact, is not the case. Using the keyword statement allows you to better focus the content for the target customer group.

    down number once a keyword is found, be sure to not begrudge need to add some keywords in page content. Keyword is very attractive to visitors of the page content, and strive to ensure that the keyword points to the content for the audience's approval.

    sums up best the content of your site keywords, the keywords should be ordinary visitors can usually search for a certain type of product like you site listed products are used. Using a different search engine to directly test, look at your set have to be under the keyword in the search engine results, and improved.

    when building content, ensure that you are using have to guide viewers to log on to your site keywords appear in the first sentence, and this is exactly what the search engines show in search results.

    3, updates

    once completed related optimized content and have good PR value, must also be website content updates in a timely manner, must remember that competitors are always thinking about some more attractive to your customers, your customers might be poached. If the website content is very old and has not been updated for a long time to site it is difficult to bring back to browse, not to mention keeping the Viewer, even if your site is near the top in search engine search results.

    4, promote your website

    send you a letter to friends, lots of reading, lots of response in appropriate forums (remember, put website links on signature).

    Website started after one to two months, and logged in before you will begin to discover your Web site, began guiding visitors here. Check through which keywords these visitors are coming, and observe the relationship between keywords and they actually see the content. If they are to find the real content of your Web site there are no words, true keyword can be supplemented in due course by this time. According to respondents the page size to determine your website keywords, or, by extension, relevant pages to continue to follow up.

    When you have a Web site once you have enough popularity, these flows are settling down, and let you have the first batch of users help you promote the site. Key is you have to have enough to attract them, so they can help you to promote on a voluntary basis. You can join a Web game platform, such as I have QQ space station, on its Web site and then add a games channel, more publicity, guiding the user to play the game, when users are addicted, spontaneously in a Web site posting on discussion, exchange of games and so on, or even users filled in the game is worth the time, webmasters can also take considerable commissions.

    5, hired professional

    not all of us have very professional writing skills. Web site hired professional content layout can help to make the Web page look Bill clear, concise, focused, and this site feel more comfortable, more willing to go back and browse.

    6, link to other sites

    sites links to other related Web sites to upgrade the value of PR is essential, do not use spam methods (by blog links or links with no content "link farms"), but to make some content, high quality Web sites link to your Web site. A series of reciprocal links for PR values are promoted to highlight the Web page and is a very important link.

    7, use easy to remember Web address

    for an easy attractive, easy to remember URL is no substitute. Be sure to make the URL short, easy to remember, which is why Google search engine into our everyday language the word important.

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